Wayne was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, until joining the Army in 2008 as an Infantryman. At his duty station in Alaska, he quickly became a survival and cold weather instructor, where he was promoted to Sergeant ahead of his peers. Wayne led troops in Afghanistan and supported the Ebola outbreak in Africa. Wayne also provided riot control training for the Army and led teams during the Ferguson riots in 2014.

Upon honorable discharge, Wayne underwent the 40-day worldwide protective services course at the Blackwater Academy. He spent three years living out of the US Embassy in Iraq, where he became a Shift Leader for the US Ambassador Protective Detail for the Department of State. While in Iraq, Wayne finished his Bachelor's in Criminal Justice from American Military University. Upon returning to the States, he moved to Washington, D.C., for his internship program at Interpol, where he worked in the Fugitive and Notices Division.

After training, Wayne moved to Seattle, WA, where he became an Executive Protection Agent for one of the the top executives in the world before getting an opportunity to start a new program down in the Bay Area. Wayne helped build one of the first covert teams in Silicon Valley, where he led operations on a vast international level. Wayne then transferred to Facebook, becoming a Program Manager for the CEO and COO protective teams responsible for over 40 protective agents. During this time, Wayne finished his Master's in Security Management and became an Emergency Medical Technician. He then took on a role as the Deputy Head of Protective Services at TikTok before breaking free, starting his own company, and becoming the CEO of Rescor Group.

In his free time, Wayne enjoys gold panning with his son in Alaska and watching his beloved Boston sports teams.

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4:15 PM - 5:15 PM
Mirror Lake C

Insure and Protect: Covering the UHNW Lifestyle

With the responsibility of residents, guests, homes, vehicles, collections, and a multitude of liabilities, it’s crucial to know how to protect and insure an UHNW lifestyle. We’ll hear from Kim Dandrea and Andrea Bustamante, of BKS Partners insurance, and Wayne DeCoste, of Rescor Group private security, about how to mitigate risk and prepare for the unexpected.