Latricia Friend

Founder + CEO, Household Management Services

With 25+ years of progressively responsible work experience, Latricia Friend combines technical knowledge with administration, customer service, research, scheduling, and staffing to provide critical support to an individual, a residence, and a family office.

Latricia provides fractional household management services, improvement of service standards, and on-demand lifestyle services to a select roster of clients. To her colleagues, she is a source of stability and grace. A highly motivated individual, with high integrity and a strong work ethic, her knowledge, and understanding of household management/personal assisting allow her to consult with principals and train their staff to make continuous improvements and adjust to the demanding changes of the day.

All Sessions by Latricia Friend

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Mirror Lake C

What is Luxury Service Worth?

Earlier in the year, Morgan Stanley commissioned an “Estate and Household Staff Compensation Survey” from Botoff Consulting. We’ll discuss how that report stacked up to our collective experience, the factors that determine the value of a role, and what the expectations are for a total compensation package.