Joseph Barber, CAM

SVP of Commercial Operations, Clay Lacy Aviation

Joe directs Clay Lacy’s strategic commercial activities in aircraft management, jet charter, maintenance and FBO business units. His range of knowledge comes from a grass-roots career, having worked in many facets of the business.

Joe began his aviation career in 2004 as an intern at an aircraft management and charter company, and credits the continuous learning opportunities and excellent mentors as a major component of his career. He’s a committed business aviation professional, to improve the business model and provide principal users with a legendary aviation experience.

He’s an NBAA Certified Aviation Manager (CAM), and was named to NBAA’s inaugural class of “Top 40 Under 40” in 2018. He serves as the Chair to the NBAA’s Business Aviation Management Committee, which produces the NBAA Management Guide, and the NBAA Leadership Conference.

Joe is also on the board of the Southern California Aviation Association, focusing his time on mentoring students pursuing careers in aviation. He holds an MBA from California Lutheran University and a B.S. in communications from California State University at Northridge.

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2:45 PM - 4:00 PM
Mirror Lake C

Outsourcing Essential Services: Working With Management Companies

There are certain vital estate management responsibilities that are often outside of an Estate Manager’s area of expertise or carry too much liability for any misstep. In these situations, one should consider outsourcing to an advisor or management company. We’ll look at 2 such essential management companies: Aviation Management and Human Resources.