Joanie Veage

House Manager | Modern Butler, The International Butler Academy Graduate

Joan Veage is a TIBA Trained Butler-House Manager, with extensive world travel and multi-cultural experiences, has embodied the highest standards of service, loyalty, trust, discretion, and excellence for over 20 years. In a direct and dedicated manner, supporting and assisting legacy families, tech giants, A-list celebrities, CEOs, and individuals "with Children and Pets" by providing comprehensive luxury lifestyle management and concierge services. Drawn to working with those who enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle. Those that also include travel and in-home entertaining.

With a solid reputation as a trusted resource for principals, family offices, staff, and service suppliers, Ms. Veage coordinates multiple responsibilities to guarantee the success of any given day, project, or event for her principals’ residences, properties, private affairs, and staff.

The keys to her success are a natural ability to lead, with a management style that evolves with the environment, and team, into the required tasks at hand. Using skillfully customized distribution of chores, set expectations, direction, evaluation, and feedback by a “checklist review” strategy, time management and open communication.

All Sessions by Joanie Veage

11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Mirror Lake C

Delivering Daily Luxury | Breakout Session

We’ll have a wealth of talent and experience in the room, presenting a great opportunity to hear from you all about how you deliver daily luxury to your principals. In this breakout session, we’ll tackle several daily service situations and hear solutions and ideas from your groups. Joanie Veage and Chris Milu , and Stacey Veden will help facilitate the conversation.