Christopher Milu

CEO, MCM Estate Management + Consulting

Christopher has the experience and understanding of the care needed to serve you and your family and oversight your property. Christopher has worked for and with Politicians, Celebrities, and various other VIP's. Regardless of your class in society, Christopher has the highest respect for every client and can solve your long-term and short-term demands.

MCM Estate Services is one of the only Estate/property management companies that is certified and vetted by the National Home Watch Association.

All Sessions by Christopher Milu

11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Mirror Lake C

Delivering Daily Luxury | Breakout Session

We’ll have a wealth of talent and experience in the room, presenting a great opportunity to hear from you all about how you deliver daily luxury to your principals. In this breakout session, we’ll tackle several daily service situations and hear solutions and ideas from your groups. Joanie Veage and Chris Milu , and Stacey Veden will help facilitate the conversation.