Bucky Worboys

Sr. Account Manager, duPont REGISTRY

For 21 years, I have said I work for the greatest company on the planet and I BELIEVE IT! Our owners are committed to providing us with the tools necessary to help our clients achieve the goal of reaching our affluent demographic.

I love to serve people and my job has allowed me to build a network of amazing people. As I love to say, "I love connecting the dots!" Whether you are looking to procure a hard to find vehicle or would like some assistance in marketing your vehicle for sale, I look forward to the opportunity to do so.

For luxury car owners looking to sell their high-end vehicles, duPont REGISTRY serves as a prestigious platform that caters to a discerning audience of luxury car enthusiasts. Sellers benefit from the exposure to the right audience, a premium platform for presenting luxury cars, and the brand's long-standing reputation of trust and credibility.

On the buyer side, our outlets present a diverse range of high-end vehicles, from classic models to sports cars and exotic automobiles, all with extensive details and professional-quality photos. The company is known for its careful curation, ensuring that only top-quality luxury cars are featured in its listings. This means buyers can browse with confidence, knowing that the vehicles on offer meet the highest standards.

duPont REGISTRY, our full color magazine, has been a staple with the affluent for nearly 40 years. is the premier platform for high end automotive manufacturers and dealers looking to reach affluent consumers. It's also an excellent way for affluent brands to market their luxury brands. duPont REGISTRY News (550,000 unique visitors), FB (6,500,000 fans), Instagram (1,000,000 followers) and Twitter (37,500 followers), round out our powerful Social Media platform. Finally, dR LIVE are our events that allow for our clients to engage with affluent consumers on a grassroots level. With over 20 events it is a great way to keep a real-time pulse on your luxury market.

For all of our clients, we provide a well-balanced platform to reach luxury buyers. Print, Web, Social Media and Events (dR LIVE) are all successful elements our clients take advantage of on an ongoing basis.

All Sessions by Bucky Worboys

1:30 PM - 2:45 PM
Mirror Lake C

Buying and Selling Luxury - Working with Brokers and Advisors

As Estate Managers, we’re often asked to buy and sell ultra high-value assets. There are times when it’s essential to use an advisor to reach a preferred marketplace and buyer. We’ll learn about some top luxury resources that should be in your little black book.